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Bulk, Ridge and Newton

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The areas of Bulk, Ridge and Newton are just north of Lancaster city centre and perfect for student accommodation outside the hustle and bustle.


Living in the Bulk, Ridge and Newton areas of Lancaster

Just to the north of Lancaster city centre, lies the historic areas of Bulk, Ridge and Newton. Perfect for anyone looking for student accommodation near Lancaster, but away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this area has much to offer.

Bulk area, along with Ridge and Newton, are fast becoming a popular hotspot for many students in Lancaster. Whether you study at Lancaster or University of Cumbria, excellent transport links, make it easy to get too and from home, work and study. As Bulk has been developed over the years, you will find a mix of architecture, from the more traditional Georgian buildings, symbolic of much of Lancaster, through to more contemporary new build and renovated properties. Whatever style of student accommodation in Bulk you are looking for, this area probably has it!

Bulk itself, has a wealth of independent shops and businesses, so you don’t have to go far to pick up your daily groceries. There are also plenty of pubs and takeaways, for downtime at the weekend, including Pizza Hut within walking distance. Just to the south of Bulk and Ridge, is a retail park, with Currys PC World available for everything you need to kit out your new home! And for all you cycling enthusiasts, you’ll be pleased to know that Halfords is also right on your doorstep.

Once you’re on two wheels, you’ll find the area perfect for cycling. Whether you are commuting to uni or going out for a leisurely cycle, Lancaster is great for cyclists. The River Lune lies just to the West of Bulk, Ridge and Newton, with views throughout Lancaster and beyond and Lancaster Canal runs through the whole area, which gives great access to the whole city. For those of you who would rather keep your feet on the ground, there are also plenty of green spaces in the area.

A short walk takes you straight into Lancaster, where you will find a wide range of shopping malls, pubs, bars, restaurants and much more. The Hall at Atkinsons Coffee House is a popular venue for students in Lancaster for both study during the day and regular live events at night. Lancaster is deeply rooted in history, so you will also find lots of museums in the city, along with the Castle and other areas of historical interest in Lancaster.  With so much available and easy access around the area, it’s clear why property in Bulk for students is so popular!

Houses & Apartments in Lancaster's Bulk, Ridge & Newton Areas:

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