Best Live Music Venues in Lancaster

Jamie HarperLancaster Student Life

Lancaster is known as one of the most vibrant cities in the North West, and is a popular hub of arts and culture for locals and visitors alike. As well as regular events held throughout the year, Lancaster is host to a wide range of live music every day of the week. With everything from folk to rock music, there is something for everyone.


Lancaster’s historic Grand Theatre regular holds live concerts, with many famous musicians in attendance. Concerts are also regularly held throughout the year at Lancaster Castle and Williamson Park, such as The Highest Point Festival every summer, which sees thousands of people visit from Lancaster and beyond.


Atkinson’s coffee, The Hall, doubles up as an evening live music venue, as well as being a great student hub for studying through the day. It’s a great place to discover new local and upcoming artists. Across from The Hall, you’ll find The Pub, which hosts live rock music at least two nights a week and also boasts an outdoor stage in its dedicated beer garden, for some great live music in the summer months.


The Stonewell Tap is a popular haunt for live music enthusiasts, with regular bands and musicians playing. The Stonewell also has its own grand piano, making it a great venue for some smooth jazz while you enjoy one of its popular craft ales.


A short walk from the main city centre will take you to the Three Mariners, close to Lancaster Quay, which hosts a fabulous folk night every Tuesday along with a more informal folk jam on a Sunday evening. This is a popular venue for live music, food and great local ales.


The Penny Bank in the centre of Lancaster is one of the best live music venues in Lancaster, with regular bands playing through the day as well as the evening. It’s a popular venue with great real ales on tap, just be sure to get a seat as this one gets very busy.


There are so many live music venues in Lancaster, it’s hard to mention them all, but you can be sure to find something you’ll love at some of the best live music venues in Lancaster. Many of which also serve great local food and real ale, making it the perfect spot for a great night out for students in Lancaster.