Best Spotify Playlists for Students

Jamie HarperLancaster Student Life

Music is most definitely the most universally understood medium the world over. Enjoyed by millions of people, it has the power to inspire, heal and evoke emotion like nothing else. Perhaps not necessary for survival, it is arguably an essential element of our lives.


Over the last few years, there has been a rapid growth in the online music industry, with a number of platforms available to easily stream or download music from your favourite artists. YouTube continues to be a popular option for people looking for more visual content, but Spotify has fast become one of the most popular platforms to access unlimited music, across a huge range of genres.


As well as music, Spotify now also offers all your favourite podcasts, with everything from comedy and news to how-tos and reviews. Here, we give you our top Spotify playlists for students, along with some great tips on getting the most out of Spotify for your studies.

To get your year off to a great start, you’ll no doubt be attending freshers at some point, so to kick off our list, the Top UK Chart Hits on Spotify, is a great place to start. The clever boffins at Spotify HQ ensure it is automatically updated with the most up-to-date chart hits every week. All you need to do is save the playlist once and you’ll be acing that weekly music quiz and enjoying todays biggest hits!


Why not change things up a bit and have a listen to the Global Top 50? Yes, there really is one – and did you know that Korea often top the list? If you plan on a gap year, then keeping up with the international music scene is probably not a bad idea and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.


When exam time arrives, or your head is stuck in books, while you try and get started with assignments, a revision playlist is definitely the way to go. With enough ambient background noise to help you concentrate, without distracting bass and lyrics, it’s the ideal inspiration you need to master your studies. For the best revision playlists for students, start with 88 keys: a fab playlist, showcasing some of the most beautiful contemporary piano compositions, from Einaudi to Alexis Ffrench. Offering a whopping 5 hours of piano pleasure, it is certain to help you focus and relax those exam nerves!


There are obviously thousands of playlists available on Spotify, many created by Spotify themselves but there’s also a whole host of public ones created by people just like you. You can also let Spotify suggest music based on your listening history, and there’s nothing better than discovering new music!