Celebrating Hot Chocolate Day in Lancaster

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National hot chocolate day falls on the 31st of January this year and whilst it may not be the most well-known event, it’s certainly not one to miss out on! If you’re a hot chocolate lover and love to warm up with a nice cosy drink, here at Escape Campus we’ve put together some recipes, ideas, and the best spots to visit this hot chocolate day! Why not take some time out of your day to enjoy a hot choc and enjoy one of the UKs most popular drinks.

Enjoy a nice Hot Chocolate front the comfort of your Lancaster student house

For those of you who have busy schedules (it is a Wednesday after all) why not just get some hot chocolate sachets for you and your housemates to share whilst you wind down from a busy day. For those of you who have a bit more free time and fancy putting your own twist on the classic hot chocolate, we’ve put together some ideas for you to try out.

BBC Good Food have the perfect homemade hot chocolate recipe, it’s easy to follow, you don’t need any specialist equipment and most importantly for our Lancaster students it’s inexpensive to make. If you have any dietary requirements, you can easily swap out whatever ingredients to fit your needs. Plus, they also give some tips on how to spice up your drink by adding extras such as cream, sprinkles, a pinch of chilli or even a shot of alcohol!

For those of you who take your hot chocolate seriously, we’ve included one of the most popular hot choc recipes voted in by a team of testers! It’s Jacques’ Legendary Hot Chocolate– and it is seriously worth the hype! This recipe contains some random ingredients and most of you might have to venture out of your Lancaster student home and to the shops to get them… But whilst it may seem bizarre, the reviews prove that it’s well worth the effort. Like the previous recipe, they’ve also given some ideas on upgrade your drink such as adding vanilla, peppermint, and coffee.

Best spots in Lancaster for a hot drink

Whilst Lancaster may not have a Hotel Chocolat, there are some wonderful independent cafes and big chain coffee shops that will be providing the best for national hot choc day! Located within the town centre, and a short journey from your student accommodation is the independent café Journey Social. Whilst it’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy a hot drink, make sure you get there early, because it’s also one of the most popular spots in Lancaster! Looking for a vegan or dairy free option? The Herbarium by Dalton square has plenty of vegan options for you to choose and enjoy.


Loyal to the bigger brands? Browse the latest drinks on offer at Costa Coffee and Café Nero. You never know, you may even be able to score a discount for National Hot Chocolate day.

However you decide to spend this cold Wednesday in Jan, we hope it’s a good one!