Cooking Christmas dinner for your house!

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The thought of cooking a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings can sometimes be an intimidating experience. But celebrating the festive period with your housemates doesn’t have to be stressful or break the bank. Whether you’re leaving Lancaster and heading back home for the holidays or staying in your student accommodation over the winter break, why not celebrate Christmas early and cook a full Christmas dinner for your housemates before you leave?

Work Together!

One of the key parts of staying stress-free during the festive season is ensuring you have some help/support! If you have taken on the role of head chef in the household, make sure your housemates are prepping the vegetables, laying the table, or helping with the washing up. There’s enough to be done, so share the load!

Working out logistics is key, for example, work out the cost of ingredients beforehand, so everyone knows and agrees on what they need to contribute, what they need to buy at the shops and what they’ll be helping with on ‘Christmas Day’. For tips and tricks on cooking the actual Christmas Dinner, click here for a step-by-step guide that’s easy to follow!

Where to Shop!

As students, we appreciate that you may not have tonnes of spare money, therefore working out the best places to shop to get the most for your money is vital! Both Lidl and Aldi are located near the centre of Lancaster. This is ideal for students living off-campus in Lancaster town centre student accommodation as they are only a short distance from your house!

Looking to go the extra mile? Check out the Market Square on Wednesdays and Saturdays for some fresh fruits and vegetables.

Make the most of your food!

Now depending on the size of your student accommodation, you may have lots of leftovers, or if you’re in a bigger group, like one of the 7-bed student homes you may end up with nothing left! If you do happen to have some leftovers, don’t bin them, why not use them in other meals to get the most out of the money you’ve spent? You could enjoy anything from turkey sandwiches to bubble and squeak!

Make it fun!

Celebrating Christmas in your student accommodation doesn’t have to be stressful (especially for the person cooking) so remember to have fun. A great way to do that once the food is finished is by playing party games, watching a Christmas movie or even doing a Secret Santa with your housemates. These are all low-cost, but still, lots of fun. Even if you don’t have a tree, you can still decorate the house for Christmas, whether that’s with tinsel, homemade decorations or a sprinkling of Mariah on the speakers. All these things are sure to get your student accommodation feeling and looking more festive. Lancaster also has some lovely things to do over the winter break, including ice skating at Dalton Square and Christmas markets. If you want to find out more about what’s on in Lancaster over Christmas, read our previous Escape Campus blog here.