Famous Students from Lancaster University

Jamie HarperLancaster Student Life

There are plenty of reasons to study at Lancaster, but if you’re still undecided, then take a look at these incredibly successful people, who previously studied at this top university!


Now group director of Ferguson plc, Kath Durrant studied history at Lancaster University in the late 80s before being the first woman on the exec team for Rolls Royce! Her career so far, spans everything from GlaxoSmithKline to AstraZeneca and much more. Kath is truly an inspiration for future students in Lancaster.


Despite studying economics, Rainer Hersch went on to have a career as a conductor, actor, writer and comedian. Appearing numerous times at the Edinburgh Festival and on many of the UKs main stages, Rainer explains that his inspiration was formed as a member of a comedy society whilst at university. With even more clubs and societies available at Lancaster University, you’ll be spoilt for choose and who knows where it may take you!


For anyone interested in Theatre Studies at Lancaster University, then Ralph Ineson is proof that great things can come from studying at Lancaster. Ralph studied theatre in the early 90s and is now a widely known for his role in Games of Thrones, Harry Potter, Star Wars and The Office. Ralph explains how his lecturers were his inspiration, along with the fabulous facilities and exposure to theatre in Lancaster.


If you’ve heard of Top Gear, then no doubt you’ll know the fabulous James May. Yes, James is also an ex-student of Lancaster University, but you may be surprised to learn that James, actually studied BA Music before going on to write for an engineering magazine and writing a weekly column for the Daily Telegraph. James has since appeared on numerous television and radio shows before famously being co-presenter of Top Gear. It just shows that, anything can happen regardless of what you choose to study at Lancaster.


Another notable alumnus of Lancaster University is the hugely successful, Ranvir Singh. Born in Preston, Ranvir studied English and Philosophy at Lancaster, before doing work experience with BBC Radio Lancashire. It wasn’t long before Ranvir joined Gordon Burns on BBC North West as the main female co-presenter, before joining the BBC, probably best known for presenting on Good Morning Britain.


There are of course many other notable alumni to have come from Lancaster University, but hopefully this gives you an insight into how Lancaster can indeed provide a solid foundation for a successful future, whatever you decide to do.