Lancaster Music Festival

Jamie HarperLancaster Student Life

Lancaster has long been known for its vibrant music and culture scene. The city has been famous for hosting regular live events, including Light Up Lancaster, Lancaster Jazz Festival and the much-loved Lancaster Music Festival, to name just a few. The city of Lancaster is already a regular hotspot for many musicians and bands within a variety of live music venues throughout the city, but autumn brings together bands, musicians and artists from Lancaster and beyond for a whole weekend of live events. Lancaster Music Festival is an event not to be missed, with people visiting from all over the country to experience the phenomenal atmosphere during the festival.


Almost every bar, restaurant and club take part in the Lancaster Music Festival, with different acts performing over around four days across the city. Many participating venues offer a Lancaster Music Festival guide, with a calendar and run down of the events and where they are taking place. The festival contains a huge variety of musical genres, from folk and country, to pop, rock and classical.


In recent years, artists have even performed in shops and retail outlets, while customers browse the stores. The city of Lancaster comes alive during the festival and is a much-anticipated event of the year, with visitors from Lancaster and further afield.


The Lancaster Music Festival provides a wealth of information on their website, with an event guide and details of all the participating musicians and venues. It also provides details of how you can get involved yourself. The festival is a great platform for young artists or up and coming bands to get out there in the spotlight and be seen by literally thousands of people. So, if you’re a musician yourself and may be thinking about doing some live gigs, the Lancaster Music Festival is the perfect opportunity!