Student life in Lancaster:

Graduate College

Dedicated spaces and facilities at Lancaster University for post graduate students that includes a Postgraduate Study Hub.



Graduate college was established in 1989, in response to the need for dedicated spaces and facilities for postgraduate students, within Lancaster University. As one of the last colleges to be constructed on campus, Graduate college offers a welcoming, multi-cultural environment for postgraduate students across a wide variety of disciplines. The college also have their own bar for social events and compete with other colleges in a number of sports teams, as well as representing the university with tournaments against other universities. The Graduate college also boasts its own Postgraduate Study Hub, providing dedicated quiet study space for students throughout the year.



Not only was Graduate college one of the final colleges to be established at Lancaster. In 1990, this was twenty years since the last new development on campus and reflected the universities commitment to research and scholarship for postgraduate students. Many of the other colleges has accepted postgraduates up until this point, but as undergraduate term times, typically ended for the summer, postgraduate studying continued through to October. Prior to the formation of the new Graduate college, there had been no dedicated space or facilities in place to accommodate the specific needs of postgraduate students. So, from this point, the postgraduates of Lancaster had their own Post Graduate Students’ Association (PGSA), as a direct voice of the postgraduate students. This new chapter firmly cemented the commitment to international research at Lancaster university. The new college originally had space for 400 residents, along with its own purpose-built bar, The Herdwick. This original site was situated at the north end of the university but was later relocated to the south-west campus in 1996 to enable students to have easier access to college and social amenities. Then in 2003, the college expanded further, with the addition of 402 new en-suite rooms and was the first time that all graduate students had come together, creating the vibrant environment it is today.



As Graduate college has been designed specifically for postgraduate students, there are a range of facilities dedicated to the postgraduate community, both on and off campus. As well as the numerous facilities on campus, study rooms, social spaces and research facilities, the college offer a dedicated postgraduate Study Hub which is located at The Storey Institute in the centre of Lancaster. The hub has easy access to all amenities in the city centre as well as being close to the train station, which is particularly good for postgraduate students living off campus. The Study Hub provides a large quiet space to work from, with direct access to the University eduroam WIFI, as well as a smaller workroom with a large presentation screen. If you are looking for access to computer facilities on campus, Graduate college have their very own PC Lab, with plenty of computers, printing facilities and collaborative workspace, which is open 24 hours a day.


Since 2003, Graduate college have benefited from postgraduate students being housed together on campus, creating a more cohesive and close-knit graduate community. There are now over 800 study rooms available for residents, ranging from en-suite rooms to studio flats and townhouses. Graduate college also have provision for family accommodation, with easy access to college and social amenities, including laundry, shops, restaurants, social and study spaces. All accommodation fees include all bills such as, electricity and water too, allowing you to concentrate on studies without worrying about managing regular household bills.


Graduate college pride themselves on being committed to sports and social activities for its postgraduate members. The college currently have several sports teams including, football, netball, darts and pool, and regularly compete against the other 8 undergraduate colleges. As with many of the other colleges, team trials usually take place at the beginning of term, so getting your name down early is a good idea. One of the most anticipated sporting events of the year, however, is Roses, which sees Lancaster and York universities competing against each other in a wide range of sporting activities. The event alternates between Lancaster and York campuses each year and is held over a long weekend. Graduate college run many weekend trips throughout the year, travelling by coach to a wide range of UK destinations, including Conwy Castle, the Yorkshire Dales and Whitby to name just a few. At Christmas, the college organises trips to Christmas markets such as Durham and York with trips open to all Lancaster university students and their families. There are also regular city trips to London, Liverpool and Manchester giving students the opportunity to visit many of the UKs popular museums and galleries. Other regular events organised by the college include, movie nights, college breakfast events and a popular outdoor summer party. As a postgraduate college, there are also plenty of opportunities to present research to the group and network with other members of the graduate community.

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