Moving out of your Student Accommodation

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As we near the end of the academic year, one thing is bound to be on every student’s mind- The summer holidays! At Escape Campus, we want to make sure that your final moments in your Lancaster student accommodation are as positive as possible. That is why we’ve put together a handy list of everything you need to do before leaving for the Summer.

Before we get into it, make sure to drop our team a line to let us know the date and time the last person is planning the leave the property.


What to do with your keys 

We ask that each household leaves their key on the desk in their bedroom unless they are the last person to leave the property. If you are the last person leaving the property, please lock all doors and post the keys through the letterbox.

If, for any reason, you or your housemates have lost any house keys, we ask that you please let us know as soon as possible. This allows us plenty of time to get new ones cut for the new tenants.


What is the Vacating Procedure 

Instructions for vacating your accommodation can be found here. All Escape Campus tenants agreed to this procedure when you signed your contract. There is also a copy of it on Arthur, under the ‘Documents’ section. It’s quite a lengthy document, so we’ve put together the main parts you need to be aware of:

  • Leave your student accommodation empty
    Please ensure that only the items on the inventory are left. There is no need to leave items that are ‘useful’ or that you feel the next tenants may use.
  • Let our team know of any issues in advance
    If you notice any outstanding repairs in your student accommodation, telling us in advance before moving out of the property means we may be able to sort it out before the end of your contract. Which means there’s less of a chance to encounter deductions from your deposit.
  • Be mindful of bin space
    Remember, your student accommodation only has a certain amount of wheelie bin space. So please be mindful of this when packing your things. If there’s a lot of rubbish left over when it comes to the end of your tenancy, please ensure it’s removed, you can do this easily by taking it to the tip located on Ovangle Road, Lancaster (LA1 5JS). For bags of rubbish left at the property at the end of tenancy, you will be charged for the callout of someone having to bag it up and take it away (around £6 per bag).


Cleaning the property before you leave 

We ask that all tenants please leave their accommodation in a clean and appropriate manner. Whilst every property has been allocated a summer cleaning budget, any additional cleaning that falls outside of this scope will be billed directly to the household group.

Ensuring the student property is left in a clean and proper state is a group responsibility and should not be left solely to the last person in the house. A few things we have seen which should be avoided include:

  • Communal areas left untidy and unclean
    Often bedrooms get cleaned by individuals, but communal areas get ignored resulting in household disputes between tenants.
  • Tenants requesting additional time on their tenancy to clean
    We ask that you make sure you have ample time to clean the property before your tenancy is up.

It is important to remember that your deposits are usually jointly held, and all deductions will be applied across everyone’s deposit if the communal areas of your student accommodation are not up to scratch.

As some reassurance, less than 5% of deposits were kept across all our Lancaster student properties last year for maintenance and cleaning-related issues. Therefore, if the household takes note of all the things mentioned above, no major issues should arise!


Good luck with the rest of the term and your exam results, and we hope you have a fantastic summer! If you have any other questions regarding the end of your tenancy, please send an email to and someone should be able to assist you.