Places to visit in Lancaster before you head home!

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By this time of the year, you should be finishing up your exams and thinking about getting ready to leave Lancaster and head home! And whilst some of you may be back for the next academic year, our final-year students could be leaving Lancaster for the last time… Or until you get nostalgic and fancy a trip down memory lane!

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of places we feel you must visit before leaving Lancaster. Some honourable mentions include Lancaster Castle and Williamson Park which you can learn more about on our blog page.

Lancaster City Museum

We understand that your time spent at university can eat up a lot of your time, so you might not be as read up on Lancaster as you’d like. Now’s the perfect opportunity to fix that! Head on over to the museum to learn all about the history of Lancaster. Who knows, you might even up your pub quiz game.

Located within Lancaster town centre, just a stone’s throw away from your student accommodation, the city museum explores the Heritage of Lancaster from the pre-historic era, up until the present day. The galleries are full of exhibits you can immerse yourself in, as well as being able to visit the King’s Own Royal Regiment Museum.

With the Summer Exhibition now open, it’s a great time to learn all about the city’s wonderful history before moving out of your Lancaster student home.

Morecambe Bay

For those returning to a landlocked lifestyle, make sure to fit in one final visit to Morecambe Bay before heading home for the summer!

A trip down to the beach is essential, especially in the beautiful summer weather. Morecambe Beach has a range of lovely spots for you to relax and enjoy something to eat and drink. Better yet, there’s a whole host of beautiful sights to enjoy across the bay. For those of you who don’t drive or are in the town centre student accommodation, there’s a direct bus from Lancaster bus station down to the promenade. Visit their website here to find out everything you need to know about Morecambe.

Lancaster Brewery

Lancaster Brewery is a must for everyone, regardless of whether you’re leaving Lancaster for good or just for the Summer! With a variety of different drinks on tap, including a range of Lancaster-based beers, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The brewery also hosts a quiz night once a month throughout the summer, at just £1 per person entry (perfect for students!) with up to 6 in a team. Enjoy beers, bonus rounds and cash prizes! Based close to a lot of our off-campus student accommodation, Lancaster Brewery is great for a day out or a quick drink!

Re:set Mind and Body Spa

After the stress and pressure of exams, why not treat yourself to a nice relaxing day in the spa? Re:set Mind and Body is one of the only spa treatment centres located within the city centre, which is perfect for those of you living in the centre of town, as you’ll be able to roll out of bed and straight into a massage or a thermal journey.

We hope that you have a wonderful summer and manage to get out and enjoy the many things Lancaster has to offer!