Renting Process

Due to Covid-19 we have adapted our viewings policy for 2020/21 to comply with government regulations and to help keep both our current tenants and future tenants safe.

1 - Book initial digital viewings by clicking on ‘make enquiry’ on the property pages. These appointments are for half an hour and we can go through pre-recorded video of up to five properties in that time, answering any questions you have as we go.  In the ‘message’ box of the form let us know how many and ideally which properties you want to view with us.

2 – If you’d like to see more before making a decision which place to take then we can do one of the following at a maximum of two properties:

  • a live video viewing with you, where one of the team will go to the property/properties and be directed by you to see what ever parts of the place you want to clarify things about.
  • a member of your group can view the property/properties on everyone else’s behalf with a member of the EC team.  


  • A face mask to be worn during the viewing
  • Hands to be sanitised before entering the property
  • The EC staff member will open doors for you as you go round, please avoid touching anything while you look round
  • Social distancing to be maintained throughout your appointment

To search for a property and book a viewing just follow the link below, click through to a property and make an enquiry:

We never put pressure on people to sign contracts. The right time to sign is when you are sure you’ve made your mind up as a group; because of this we don’t offer a first come first serve system as we feel it promotes rush decisions. Just let us know when you have decided and we will arrange to take you through our process to the point where we sign a contract with you.

To secure a property once you have viewed it, everyone in your group will need to:

  • Provide us with a full name, phone number and email address for everyone in your group.
  • Decide if you can provide a UK based guarantor, who guarantees the individual tenant's rent.
  • If providing a guarantor, go through our online guarantor process, which will mean running a credit check on your guarantor
  • If you aren’t providing a guarantor, a different payment schedule will need to be arranged, typically paying the first rent instalment in June then two more at the start of the first academic terms.
  • Once the above process is complete transfer your deposit to us, so it can be protected with the DPS.
  • We will then send you a copy of all the paperwork to sign online.
  • Finally we’ll meet you to collect the ID we need from you for the ‘right to rent’ process.

From the time of you choosing to take the property you are interested in, you will get 7 days to sign the tenancy agreement, at which point you’ll have secured the property.

All of the processes we have, can all be completed on a smart phone, tablet or computer, and are really straightforward, with no reliance on the postal system, so 7 days is more than enough time. There’s no need to panic, just make sure you communicate with us when prompted, and with your guarantor; it’s going to be your house or flat after all so nobody will be more motivated than you to make sure everything happens quickly.


The contracts you will sign with us are Assured Shorthold Tenancies which detail, when you are part of a group, you are ‘jointly and severally liable’ for all the rent. This type of contract will protect the interests of all parties and are the most commonly used by landlords and letting agents, but there are a few features of the contract you need to be aware of before you get to the stage of thinking about signing it:

  • It is a joint contract with your whole group. This means that you are liable for the whole of the rent, so you’re not just signing for your part of the rent, you’re signing for all of it so, if someone drops out of the contract, you could be asked to pay their part of the rent.
  • We ask for a guarantor but they will only be guaranteeing your portion of the rent, which is the money you would actually pay if you lived there for the year, however if there is any damage that exceeds the value of the deposit they may be liable for it.


What if you drop out of your contract?

  • We understand things happen and circumstances change.
  • We make a commitment not to react with anger or be unreasonable.
  • We can't help if we don't know there is an issue.
  • As with everything, communication is the key.

If you let us know as soon as possible and then work hard with us it will minimise the chance of there being any long-lasting problems.

  • You are contracted to the rent from when you go through the process of signing the contract.
  • If you want to drop out of your contract it will be your responsibility to find a suitable replacement and that person has to go through the above process. A suitable replacement is:
    1. Someone acceptable to the rest of the group, Escape Campus and the landlord.
    2. A person of similar circumstances, examples of which would be; undergraduate, post-graduate, full time student, similar age, same gender (if that is important to the other tenants).
    3. The new tenant must take over the whole remnants of the contract and agree to pay the same rent, or you pay any agreed shortfall in advance of being released from the contract.

We will help you through this process but advertising, conducting viewings, organising deposits, guarantors and contacts is time consuming and has overhead expenses, so £50 + VAT will be deducted from your deposit to cover these costs.

If you are finding things difficult or your circumstances have changed, please contact us right away as there’s nothing we can’t sort out by working with you.