The best spots in Lancaster to visit in the sun!

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The first week in May is screen-free week, and we thought this was the perfect opportunity to spend some time outside in the beautiful spring weather and take part in screen-free week as much as a Lancaster University student possibly can.

Putting down your phones, closing your laptops and getting some time away from screens can help improve your mental health. Whilst staying in your student home scrolling endlessly through TikTok sounds relaxing, it can also massively eat into your limited free time, which you could otherwise use to enjoy some of Lancaster’s nicest spots. We’ve put together a list of the best places to visit in Lancaster to help you unplug and unwind.

Williamson Park

The perfect location for a beautiful day out in the sun! Based at the top of Lancaster, Williamson Park is one of the most popular spots in the city and is absolutely worth a visit! It houses the iconic Ashton Memorial as well as stunning views of the local area. To find out more about Williamson Park, visit our blog page here.

Lancaster Castle

Lancaster Castle is an absolute must if you have never visited it before. The castle dates back over 1,000 years and is one of Lancaster’s most iconic spots, as well as a great day out. A wander around the castle grounds is free of charge for the public, and it’s a must-do for all of those living in Lancaster. If you’re interested in learning more about the history behind the castle, we’d recommend attending one of their famous guided tours, which only costs £1.50 for students! The castle itself can be seen from all over Lancaster town centre, and probably from a few bedrooms in your Lancaster student home.

Lancaster Castle is famous all around the country for being the site of so many historical events, such as religious persecution, the famous Lancashire Witch Trials, and over 200 executions.


Fairfield Orchard

Visiting Fairfield Orchard is the perfect way to switch off, go screen-free and enjoy nature. A stunning orchard spanning 2.2 acres, you can find a variety of different fruit trees including apple, plum, pear, cherry and more. It also hosts a variety of nut trees containing, hazelnuts and walnuts and large areas of the site with other native trees and bushes. Perfect for our Lancaster students, Fairfield Orchard is open to all for free. Better yet- you can pick the fruits and nuts! Just make sure to leave enough for other visitors.

The orchard is the perfect location for all Lancaster town centre-based student accommodation as it is only a short walk along the public footpath at the end of Sunnyside Lane. If you want to find out a little more about the Orchard before you go, visit their website here.


Lancaster Canal

The Lancaster Canal is popular amongst both locals and Lancaster University students alike for its beautiful views and lovely walks. For those living in the town centre, Lancaster Canal is right on your doorstep, and the perfect excuse to pack up a picnic and enjoy a scenic wander in the sunshine!

If you’re happy to spend a bit of money, there are a selection of pubs and restaurants you can spend a couple of hours in along the way. The Water Witch is one of Lancaster’s most iconic pubs, located in the town centre, it has food, drinks, views of the canal and different themed nights across the week. Another great stop on the canal is The White Cross, which is highly favoured amongst Lancaster students and again is close to most of the off-campus student accommodation.


If you want to learn more about screen free week and how to take part, visit their website here. Whether you’re serious about having a screen-free week or just looking to enjoy everything Lancaster has on offer, we hope you all enjoy yourselves!