What to do in Lancaster this November

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Before the chaos of Christmas begins, we thought it would be nice to think about a few of the nicer and more relaxing things to do in November in Lancaster this autumn! For many, Christmas or the winter period is a busy time of the year. Between buying gifts, spending time with loved ones, travelling and University, the winter break can end up being not that much of a break at all. We’ve put together some fun, inexpensive and relaxing activities to enjoy in Autumn without straying too far from your student home.

Make time for yourself!

One of the most important things you can do for yourself this November is to prioritize your mental health. The nights are getting darker earlier and, in the morning, it’s often still dark. This time of year can have a huge impact on your mood. That’s without mentioning all of the rain, wind and temperature drops either!

Make sure to be kind to yourself this season, and give yourself plenty of opportunities for self-care and opportunities to enjoy the small things that make you happy.

Go on an Autumn walk.

Lancaster is one of the perfect places to take a scenic autumn walk thanks to all its picturesque views. One of the most popular spots in Lancaster to go for a stroll is up at Williamson Park, it’s filled with stunning views of the countryside and Lake District! You’ll also find the iconic Ashton Memorial. Williamson Park is located at the top of Lancaster and is only a short journey from most of our off-campus student accommodation. To find out more about Williamson Park, click here. Why not nip to one of the many coffee shops located in Lancaster Town Centre and grab yourself one of the seasonal hot drinks to take along with you on your walk?

Thinking of taking a different kind of autumn walk? There is also a range of spooky walks taking place within Lancaster City Centre in November. As the nights are beginning to get darker earlier, why not join an exciting evening tour around Lancaster exploring the menacing side of the city’s history? Starting up at Lancaster Castle, the walk will last around 2 hours and you may even walk past your Lancaster student home on the spooky trail! Tickets are £8 per person which is perfect for our Lancaster students, if you want to find out more and book your ticket, click here.

Make something warm in the kitchen.

As the weather is starting to get colder, it’s only natural that we’re all in the mood for warm, filling meals! As students, we understand that you may not want to spend a lot of money or time cooking but having a warm homecooked meal on a dark cold night can be the perfect way to relax after a day at university. BBC Good Food Good Food has an amazing list of different filling meals to make on a budget that you don’t need to be a professional chef to manage!

If cooking isn’t your thing and you prefer something sweet, there’s nothing better than freshly baked cake/loaf. Baking is something quick and easy that you can make not just for yourself, but to share with your housemates. For some easy and low-recipe cake ideas, click here.