A day out in the Lake District

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One of the best things about being a student in Lancaster is living so close to the Lake District. As one of England’s biggest National Parks (and a World Heritage Site to boot!), it’s home to stunning picturesque views, welcoming local villages, and lots of culture. Whether you’re wanting to go on a scenic walk, climb the fells, take a trip out on Lake Windemere, or visit the surrounding villages- a day trip to the lakes is a wonderful way to spend a day off university.

Whilst The Lake District is outside of Lancaster, if you can make the journey then it’s certainly worth the visit. For those with a car, it’s around an hour’s drive from Lancaster centre. Alternatively, some trains and buses run straight to Windemere from Lancaster regularly. Luckily for you, the train station and bus station are both located within the centre of Lancaster and are only a stone’s throw away from your student property.

Walking in the Lakes

If you’ve read our previous blog, you’ll already know that the Lake District is home to some of the most popular walking trails in the UK. Whether you’re going solo, with your housemates or on a guided tour, visiting the lakes and taking part in a walk is a must-do before you finish university and move out of Lancaster.

When visiting the lakes, you can do short flat walks, climb the fells, tick off a walker’s checklist or attend a guided walk. They even offer audio walks around certain trails that are completely free, which is perfect for our Lancaster students. The Lake District website has a guide on how to find the best walk to suit your needs, which spectacular views you’ll see, and how long it is!


The Lakes Themselves

The Lake District has over 16 lakes for you to explore, with the most well-known being Lake Windemere. Whilst the lakes are beautiful to admire, there is also the option for you to get out on the water. Living in Lancaster centre doesn’t give you many opportunities to take part in water sports, so if that’s what you’re into, or you simply want to try something new, it’s certainly worth the trip! You can go paddle boarding, hire a boat, swim, fish and do much more. For the full guidelines, click here.

Local Villages

If you’re in the lakes, it’s well worth taking a trip to the closest local village to explore everything they have to offer. Bigger villages, such as Windemere and Bowness are home to a range of different eateries, shops and activities. For those of you living in an off-campus student property directly in the centre of Lancaster, having a look around the lakes is a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the city, as well as the opportunity to try lots of independent cafes and restaurants.

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