Choosing the Right People to Live With

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When moving into off-campus accommodation in Lancaster, you finally get to choose who you live with. Whilst this can be an exciting time for many, it is vital that you pick the right people to live with to ensure a stress-free and successful academic year at Uni. We know this process can be quite an overwhelming and emotional time, as making sure you’ve made the right decision for you is key! So we’ve put together some advice that may help you in making your choice.


The people you already live with

For some people, their first choice of housemates is the ones they are already living with. This works for a lot of people, as they say: if something is not broken, there’s no need to fix it. If you’re one of those lucky groups, simply head over to the Escape Campus website when the time comes and pick which house suits your group and your needs best!

One perk of staying with the group you currently live with is that you should already know each other pretty well. You have lived together for almost a year, so you know if they’re noisy, tidy and overall, a good housemate, which is a major bonus as you won’t be in for any shocks when moving into your off-campus student accommodation.

University courses and clubs

If the people you currently live with are not the best fit for you, that’s absolutely fine and lots of people find themselves in that position! Another option could be living with the friends you have made from your university course, club or society. Do remember when picking someone to move in with, whilst having the same interests is great, it may not make them the best housemate! When choosing a group who have never lived together before, it’s important to chat about situations that may occur when living together, e.g. cleanliness, noise levels and overall respect for each other, just to make sure you’re all on the same page.


Making the right choice for you

Often people can get rushed into picking housemates and realise once they’ve all moved in together that actually they don’t get on as well as they thought they did. Remember to put yourself first and if you feel unsure about a situation take the time to really think it through. The main priority is that you feel relaxed and secure. You are paying to live there too, so take this into consideration if you’re being pressured into a living situation that may make you unhappy.

If there is someone you don’t want to live with, it’s important that you speak up. Whilst it may be slightly awkward at the time, you could be saving yourself a year of living with someone who you may not like or get on with.

You’ll only be living in your Lancaster student home for a year, which may seem like a long time but will fly by with classes, placements, holidays and time off.


I have no one to live with?

If you’ve not found the right people to live with you, that’s absolutely fine. You may feel like you’re the only person in the situation but trust us, you’re not! Give us a call and a member of the Escape Campus team will be able to talk you through the different options available as there are always groups needing extra housemates, or others in the same position as yourself.

Student Cribs has some great tips and tricks on picking the right people to live with when the time comes to start looking at off-campus student accommodation, to find out more click here.

We hope whoever you decide to live with that it’s the right choice for you and you have a great year!