Travel for Students Around Lancaster

Jamie HarperLancaster Student Life

Whether you are looking at your options for student accommodation in Lancaster, or checking transport links in and around the city, Lancaster has some of the best transport links, allowing you to get around easily. We’ve put together a run-down of great ways to travel for students around Lancaster.


Public transport links are easily accessible in Lancaster. With both the bus and train station in the city centre, it’s easier than ever to travel around the city. Buses from Lancaster frequently travel between the city and university campus, taking you right to your door, as well as having regular buses out of the city, allowing you to travel to nearby towns and cities, and even into the Lake District.


Lancaster train station is situated on the West Coast line, with regular and easy links to Manchester, London, Edinburgh and beyond. Whichever method of public transport you choose, it is always worth looking at purchasing a weekly or monthly ticket, as well as a railcard, to save heaps on your travel. This is particularly good for people who travel home regularly.


Cycling is fast becoming a popular travel option for students around Lancaster. The city has many popular cycle routes, in and around Lancaster, with many dedicated cycle lanes to easily travel between home and university. Lancaster university campus also has great cycle routes, and there are many options for leisurely journeys from Lancaster to Morecambe or into the surrounding countryside of Lancaster.


If you’re planning a night out with friends in Lancaster, there are several friendly and reliable taxi firms available. If you are travelling as a group, it often works out cheaper to share a taxi into town, rather than getting the bus. There are also many taxi ranks lined up in various locations throughout Lancaster, so you can easily get home at the end of the night, many of which are situated right outside the main clubs and pubs.


If you prefer travelling on foot, most areas of Lancaster and even the university are within a short distance of each other, allowing you to easily walk to and from campus. Lancaster itself is well contained, with most shops, bars and restaurants within close proximity and the bus station and train station are also within a short walking distance of the city. Lancaster is certainly a great place for travel for students around Lancaster, enabling you to get around and explore with ease.