Getting Settled into your Student Accommodation

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Moving out of halls and into your first off-campus student house can be daunting for a lot of students, but it can also give you the freedom a lot of young adults are looking for! We know that some of you will be living in your first proper home with your friends, and others may be living with new people. Whichever camp you fall into, getting settled into your student accommodation and making your house feel like home is a perfect way to start the year!

Here at Escape Campus, we’ve put together a handy guide on everything you may need to pack when moving into your new student home! To find out more click here.

Be yourself and get to know your housemates!

People from all over the world will be moving to Lancaster looking for student accommodation. For those of you who will be living with people you may not know, getting to know each other early on is key to getting settled and feeling comfortable in your new student home. There are many ways you can take to bond with your new housemates. You can throw a movie night, get a takeaway or cook a meal for the house. Ask them about their hobbies or if they are part of any societies or clubs. Getting along with everyone in your home creates a calm, happy environment, and a much more enjoyable living experience.

Whilst sometimes putting yourself out of your comfort zone is great, don’t force yourself to do something you don’t want to do! If you’re a person who prefers to stay in and relax as opposed to a wild night out that’s absolutely fine. People will like you for who you are and you’re more likely to bond with your housemates and make new friends by being open and honest. You’re likely to feel more comfortable in your student home if you’re true to yourself.

Get the lay of the land!

Knowing where you are and what’s around you can help you feel much more comfortable when moving and feel more connected to your new home. All of our off-campus student accommodation is close to both Lancaster city centre and the universities, meaning most of the things you need should be close by. Maybe your friends live down the street? Or you’re a 5-minute walk from your favourite café in Lancaster centre, knowing how to get around is sure to help you feel more settled. For more information on the best ways to explore your surroundings and things to look out for, click here.

Don’t forget the home comforts!

Another way to settle into your new home is by making your bedroom your own personal space. Whilst you can add the odd personal touch in your communal areas, your bedroom is the place where you’ll most likely be spending most of your time. Having a few items to help it feel like home will help you settle in quicker. Pictures of loved ones or plants are a great place to start in making your room your own!

Whether you’re bonding with your housemates, exploring a new area of Lancaster, or working hard to make your student accommodation feel like home, we hope you settle in nicely.