Top 5 reasons to study in Lancaster

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Whether you’re thinking about attending University in Lancaster or you’re already studying here, we’ve put together a list of why you’d be lucky to study here! Situated in the North-West of England, Lancaster may only be a small city, but it’s home to not one but two universities. Plus, it’s a great place for students to thrive, live independently and achieve their goals.

1. The Universities in Lancaster

This may seem like an obvious choice, but Lancaster is very proud of its universities, and despite its size, it actually has two of them! The University of Cumbria and Lancaster University are both located here within easy access to the city centre. In fact, Lancaster University ranks in the top 10 universities in all of the UK! This ensures that you’ll be receiving a top-quality academic experience studying here.

With two universities, you can expect a bustling student community. One thing about Lancaster that’s great for its students is the sheer volume of choice for off-campus student accommodation. There are many popular student areas they can choose where they can be close by to their friends, or closer to where the action is in the city centre.

2. Everything you need just a stone’s throw away

Lancaster is the perfect size for students! At the Lancaster University campus, there is everything a student may need. And, if you decide to move into the city centre, everything is right on your doorstep. Another bonus of Lancaster being a smaller city is that everything you may need is relatively close by, especially for those of you living in Lancaster city centre student housing. If you don’t drive, there’s no need to worry as all our student accommodation is within walking distance of the town centre, or close by to a bus stop to take you up to campus.

There is a huge student population within the city, so it’s up to you whether you choose to live in a student-housing-dense area or somewhere more residential. Either way, you’ll be close to anything you may need.

3. Lower living expenses

Luckily for all our Lancaster students, Lancaster is not an expensive place to live. The cost of living here is much lower than in most major UK cities, covering everything from food and nights out to student accommodation costs. Lancaster may have 2 popular universities, but it is on the smaller side, which means travelling around the city is inexpensive and quick.

4. Location, location, location!

For those of you who have never been to Lancaster, or are living here for the first time, the main thing you should know about the city is its beautiful surroundings. Close to the beach, Morecambe Bay is right on your doorstep, only a short bus trip or drive away from Lancaster centre. Morecambe Promenade boasts some of the most stunning views across the bay of the Lakeland mountains and Grange Over Sands. Lancaster is also close to the Lake District, again for our Lancaster students, if you’ve never visited the Lakes, it’s most certainly worth a visit. A short drive or train journey away, the Lake District is one of the most popular spots in the UK for its views and scenery. If you fancy a trip up there, read our latest blog here for everything you may need to know about the lakes.

5. Steeped in history

Lancaster is famous for having a dark and fascinating history! Even if you’re not a history buff, attending university in a city with a rich history is certain to make your student experience more memorable. Remember- John of Gaunt is more than just a pub in Lancaster. He was the former Duke of Lancaster and a significant figure in British history! Another popular attraction is Lancaster Castle is located within the town centre and is likely to be something our Lancaster students will walk past multiple times when living here, previously a prison and now a working museum open to the public.